Business: Business support


In addition to supplying tangible products, we fulfill the need of customers in various fields of business by proving service of procurement, cargo forwarding, and business matchmaking.

By using the flexible service formed with our affiliated partners, our customers improve their business, managing time, finance, and manpower effectively.

• Finding right and qualified manufacturers and suppliers to cut customers' costs and minimize risks.
• Negotiation of contract terms; price, delivery, and payment for both of buyers and sellers.
• Creating the beneficial synergy for customers.
Cargo forwarding
• Cargo transportation by sea and air.
• Cargo warehousing.
• Inspection of quantity and quality.
• Customs clearance.
• Completing suipping documents.
Business matchmaking
• Connecting customers to the right business partners and prospects.
• Helping customers to identify, screen, and meet prospective partners, distrigutors, agents, and customers.
• Providing foreign buyers and sellers with reliable information on Korean products and importers.
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