Business: Agri-foods


We have strong partnership with world-class manufacturers and procurement teams around the world, which enable us to supply customers with high quality agri-foods.

Cane sugar
• The world's leading consumer sugar of distinctive sparking white color and pure sucrose taste.
• Direct sourcing from co-op and mill in Brazil, India, Thailand, and Mexico.
Sunflower oil
• Non-volatile oil compressed from sunflower (Helianthus annuus) seeds.
• Contains appreciable quantities of vitamin E, sterols, squalene, and other aliphatic hydrocarbons.
• High in the essential vitamin E and low in saturated fat.
Enoki mushroom
• Commercial cultivas of Flammulina velutipes known by the name of golden needle mushroom or lily mushroom.
• Strictly comply with the requirements of food safety and health.
• High in niacin and a good source of iron.
• Widely available in groceries.
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